Lucida Handwriting Program: A person’s personality can be sketched with a glance at his handwriting. Writing is very important for expressing the thoughts and feelings. Aldebaran training Institute Lucida is the exclusive HANDWRITING lesson for children. The scribbling of your children will be changed to legible hand writing.
Common Problems in Handwriting
 Hold the pen in an awkward manner.
 Find it difficult to read and understand what is written.
 Handwriting is not legible.
 Write sometimes better but not consistent.
 The Pen or Pencil is held almost near the tip.
 Does not write faster and the NOTES are incomplete.
 Gets the remark from the teacher “Improve your Handwriting”.
 Does not join all the alphabets.
 Writing is very bad or has a very bad hand-writing.
 Very slow in Writing and presses the pencil or pen heavily.
 While writing numbers, one cannot differentiate some of the numbers.
 Sentences are not written on the lines and it goes up and down.
 Slant of writing is not consistent and it goes left, straight and right as well.
 While writing, fingers / hand become shaky.
 Writes very small and cannot read them clearly.
Importance Of Handwriting
It is said that good handwriting; neat and readable; shows your personality. Wherever you go a person with good handwriting is preferred.
Like neat dressing and neat presentation, handwriting is another face of the person who presents it. It express the culture and civilization and all the characters of a person. Irrespective of good or bad, handwriting would attract others to one
The primary part of any communication and relationship with others is presentation and primary part of presentation is legible and beautiful handwriting. The present day computer learning needs energy consumption but a neatly written book or paper need no energy consumption. and the advantages are on… It is more like good exercise makes the human body handsome, practise of handwriting makes it more perfect.

Handwriting is important for taking notes and writing test essays. Both speed and legibility are essential for good grades, so it’s in your best interest to learn to write neatly and in a way that doesn’t fatigue your hand quickly
“Handwriting” is to the left brain, what pictures are to the right brain. There is something about engaging the brain through the hand that forces critical thinking..

“But neat handwriting also makes you look and feel good!”